Stay At Home

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CHOIRONA – Stay At Home

CHOIRONA – Stay At Home

CHOIRONA - Stay At Home

In mid March 2020, when governments started to impose national quarantines in response to the growing pandemic of COVID-19, we were thinking: How can we bring some light and joy into the people’s mind who are currently suffering from isolation? How can be bring people together – in hearts and minds – despite social distancing? The answer came back clear as a bell: Through MUSIC!


So, we invited people from all over to join us in getting out of our heads (even if it’s just for a little while), to sing from the inside of our homes, to release endorphins and to spread awareness to #stayhome​ in a loving way. Eventually, we created a digital choir – more than 35 videos from 6 different countries reached us and CHOIRONA was born. Together we performed the song „Stand by me“ and changed the chorus to „Stay At Home“.


This project was created collectively. Every single one who believed in it, who shared it and who contributed to it made it possible. So THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Thanks for sharing your positive energy. Thanks for raising your voices in solidarity. These uncertain times are challenging, still, together we created something beautiful.


Special thanks goes out to:
Susu Rachidi for the video editing​​

  • Category : Musikvideos
  • Date : 21. April 2020
  • Client: Maren Struckmeyer